Tajhizat Sanjesh was founded in 1999, with a very active and experienced research and development section. Very soon after its establishment Tajhizat Sanjesh showed its abilities in the designing of advanced systems. All of our products are designed in our own R&D, and in the designing process we considered very carefully the needs and expectations of modern laboratories.
Tajhizat Sanjesh is one of the most reliable and favorite brands among Iran’s laboratories.

This Public Welcomming is because of our quality policies and mainly the followings:       
1) Tajhizat Sanjesh is very close and concern about Labs, their needing’s and their expectations. Our R&D’s main effort is to reach costumer satisfaction by the best designs.
2) Our R&D section is very experienced engineering team in the fields of optics, photometery, electronics, and mechanics.
3) We are using the best components form the best manufacturers in the world.


   Tajhizat sanjesh is the only manufacturing company in the middle east with the following vast range of products:       
1) Biochemistry Autoanalyzer (Alpha Classic AT and AT plus and AT CC)
2) Biochemistry Photometer (Clinic II and Clinic III)
3) Elisa Strip reader (Strip 503)
4) Bilirubin meter (Bilitest A)
5) Spectrophotometer (Spectra 162 and Croma)
6) ph meter (pH 462)


   We are holding the following certificates:        
1) “ISO 13485” , quality management certicate
2) Iran’s Ministry of Health “manufacturing Permission “ .
3) Product quality certificate from Minestry of Health “Reference qualifying Lab” .


      At now more than %70 of Iranian labs are using atleast one of our Products, more than 1700 Biochemistry Photometer of Clinic II and Clinic III, and 600 Biochemistry Autoanalyzer of Alpha Classic are among them. Beside these systems there are many of Elisa Strip Reader Strip 503 and our Bilirubin meter Bilitest A and our other products.
Tajhizat Sanjesh now is ready to show its ability and advantages in the international market.


Alpha-Classic AT Plus


 - Random Access
- 280 tests/ hour
- Open System
- Low consumption of Reagent (160 - 200µl)
- Distilled water washing (very low consumption)
- Urgent patient capability ( stat)
- Level meter & impact sensor
- Working with all Biochemical Methods
- PC Operation With Windows user-friendly software
- Very complete Q.C Processes